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We started out buying surplus and obsolete automotive, furniture, marine and commercial textiles. Today, we buy all kinds of surplus and obsolete inventory, including some scrap. We also liquidate assets of companies that are going to close down. If your company or organization has inventory such as raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and scrap (plastic, nylon, metals, etc.) they want to sell, or get rid of, please call me!!!! We buy or take possession of all kinds of surplus and obsolete inventory from many different industries. As a result, we also help keep products and materials out of landfills. ** OUR OTHER PRODUCT ** MuteX™ WHY MUTE-X Unwanted noise produced by vibrating surfaces is a common problem in houses, car, and commercial spaces. Dishwashers, air conditioners, duct work, doors, walls, ceilings, floors, piping, etc. create irritating noise problems that keep you from enjoying music, movies, sleeping, conversations, and everyday life. All the noise from these items is enhanced from surfaced vibrations and can be made quiet with an application of Mute-X and MuteX EzStick. With MuteX products installed, the noise or vibration is transformed into low-grade thermal energy. The result is a more quiet and comfortable living environment. Mute-X's soundproofing material is the latest, most advanced acoustics soundproofing for studios, theaters, homes and automotive interiors to reduce and absorb sound to the lowest levels possible. Made from Interlocking Carbonweave and Polymute Resin, the material transforms noise into low-grade thermal energy, so it will never be a bother again. Product Details ColorsBlack Materials Carbonweave, Polymute Resin Block Origin United States — Weight: 1/4 Pound Per Square Foot Dimensions: — 5' wide X 2' long = total 10 square feet — 5' wide X 21' long = total 105 square feet — 5' wide X 30' long = total 150 square feet Visit our other website at

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